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Christmas Stocking Needlepoint Kit

This christmas, add somemodern style to your home with the nativity stocking needlepoint kit 9092. This beautiful set of stockings features art on the soles of the feet, a bow with gold-toned stalks, and a heart-shaped stocking with a green and gold border. The set is a perfect way to anniverorate the christmas season and make your home come alive with somemodern fashion.

Christmas Stockings Needlepoint Kits

There's no need to be a pro at this point in the year - you can simply check out the rest of the blog and enjoy the rest of the holiday season! as always, if you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below or on the blog's social media page.

Christmas Stocking Needlepoint Kits

The christmas stocking needlepoint kit comes with nine different needlepoint pieces which can be used on both active and passivewear. The kit also includes a cross-stitch sampler book which can be used to create cross-stitch pieces or make a whole outfit from just the cross-stitch sections. The kit comes with a number key so that you can make sure that you get the kit exactly right and that you are able to create landing buttons and other small details on the basis of the kit instructions. this kit comes with a beautiful stockings and a merry moment message. The kit is perfect for the festive season! this kit comes with a santa on the bannister, a few pizels and a bow, and stockinette fabric. It's a great kit for those who want to create a modern christmas kit. this is a beautiful santa stocking needlepoint kit from candamar something special antique christmas stocking december. This kit includes 2 santa stocking needles and 1 antique christmas tree. The kit is made with high-quality needlepoint canvas and is perfect for any christmas decor.